More Ports More Storms – On sale now

2nd Book of the Zander Trilogy is out now!!

Here the mischief takes place in and around the towns, harbours and marinas of the East and West Coasts of Scotland and Zander even gets to Algeria.

Travelling on a number of yachts, inflatables, rowing boats and a cruise liner, Zander and his gang of miscreants rub shoulders with; Kamikaze seagulls, head hunters, paratroopers, a dead fisherman, the Loch Ness Monster, ships’ pipers, terrorists, Oil Sheiks, a Clan chief, a Spanish Armada Galleon, Japanese tourists and a North African President.

They also meet up with night club bouncers, ferocious dogs, pickpockets, mad majors and officialdom at large. Usually at some point, they rub everyone up the wrong way.

If you enjoyed the first book A Storm in Any Port and are ready to dive in to read more high jinks from Zander and his crew, then More Ports More Storms is just for you!

Reserve your copy now!!

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