I’ve given up Golf – 2 of 4

Most golf books are written with the intention of helping players to get to the top of their game, but here from personal experience I can now reveal what happens to golfers who have gone over their peak, slid down the slippery slope and arrived at the bottom.

In thinking back to our decision, we must have felt then that the writing was already on the wall as, during this past year, our gradual descent from grace has become more and more apparent.

In some ways our decline was exacerbated by the course closures brought about by Covid, and we have become aware that the game we are playing now is no longer the game we once played, even the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia and the occasional good shot cannot hide the disappointingly low standard we have been reduced to.

On top of this, just like our game, we have slowed down.

I would also like to blame the changes made to the course to keep it on the Open Championship Qualifier list, but although this has produced a more formidable challenge, we now play off the forward tees, consequently the effect on us is minimal.

By the time we get to the ninth tee and feeling the onset of fatigue creeping into our bones, we are comforted to know that as long we have a trolley to hang onto and pull us up the hill to the green, we will manage to struggle on to the finish. But we are also concerned that this too has become more difficult.

Buying a buggy is not an option on our course, as there is no secure parking room for this any more. On top of which there is already a long list of members waiting their turn to take over a dead man’s seat on a buggy.

My next post will tell you what confirmed our decision.

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