I’ve given up Golf – 3 of 4

I, like my partners, now find that staying on an even keel to play a shot has – bit by bit – become a lottery. Our stance has narrowed significantly, a shoulder turn is almost non-existent, keeping the left arm straight is a no go position, with the inevitable result that we have lost our confidence to strike the ball cleanly. Consequently, the ball no longer flies as far as it once did, to the embarrassing extent that, any of the ground-staff working more than 150 yards ahead of us, now know that our tee shots offer no threat to them.

We were finding more bunkers than we used to and although we can still play out of them reasonably well, physically climbing out of the steep sided ones, sometimes has to be done on hands and knees. After which, raking over the messed up sand, takes that bit longer.

We have stiffened up and although a sucker cup fixed to the end of our putters helps us to pick our ball out of the occasional hole we complete, we still have to place a tee in the ground and put a ball on it, before we can start to play. This now proves to be particularly difficult operation. Has anyone invented a tool for doing this?

With the shortest of the short holes we still do play, being more than 150 yards away, any chance of getting that elusive hole in one is now well beyond us: even if we use a driver.

When added to our slower walking speed all of this has made us more conscious of our ability to maintain our place on the course. So much so that we have now reached the point where we are anxiously struggling to maintain the balance of completing nine holes against the fun of enjoying what we are doing.

My next post brings closure.

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