I’ve given up Golf – 4 of 4

Now that I have accepted that my last chance of getting a hole in one has gone, all that is left for me to do is clear out my locker, hand in the key and make way for one of the younger, fitter members.

However my playing partners and I have managed to spend a good portion of this last year out in the fresh air enjoying the camaraderie of playing the game that has, for so many years, been an important part of our lives.

As a non-playing member I can still meet up with and enjoy the company of my former playing partners as well that of those of our other contempories who are still above ground.

I’m now looking to buy a house in Gullane, where an old friend has offered to take me round in his buggy.

Even as a jealous, silent, if critical, spectator it will ‘get me out of the house’ !!!



4 thoughts on “I’ve given up Golf – 4 of 4

  1. Yes, aging is a hard pill to swallow. I remember when I gave up being a professional Jockey at 37 because it was too hard on my broke old body, then I shoulder injury prevents me from lifting weights, I at 50 I had to give up running because i broke my leg hiking the plate on my tibia still causes me to much pain on impact. I am left with cycling, which my shoulder gets cranky if I go for too long, and gentle Yoga. You’ll find your thing. Good luck.


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