Very amusing. A relaxing ,pleasant read. JC – Innerleithen

Johnny Jones takes readers on a hilarious journey visiting the islands of Scotland. A must-have book for anyone interested in Scotland and its rich history of culture; to be taken in good fun and jest! RJ – East Lothian

A Storm in Any Port, The Zander Trilogy

Thoroughly good read. Easy and good chapter length retaining the reader all the way through the book from beginning to end. As a Scottish reader, I loved being able to connect to the locations in the book either locally or nationally and feeling apart of Zanders story and journey. The book is comical and funny in its depiction of the life of Zander and his motley crew in their adventures.. or misadventures. Growing up on the east coast of Scotland, and a seafaring community, I instantly connected and related to the quirks and customs of the characters. Can’t wait for the second book in the Zander Trilogy. C. Williamson, Musselburgh, East Lothian