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A Storm in Any Port

If you do, travel around the Western Isles of Scotland and Hong Kong with Skipper Zander and his motley crew of well-meaning, overgrown schoolboys as they bumble through a voyage punctuated by misunderstandings and laced with catastrophes. At an age when they should know better, Zander and his crew of tearaways get involved in laughable encounters with the law, the SAS, moonshiners, poachers, highland games’ athletes, drunken honeymooners and sharks both in and out of the water. Post and Packing is included in the price below, for UK and Islands – £5.00 for the Book and 2nd class postage at £3.50 = £8.50 total




More Ports More Storms

Here the mischief takes place in and around the towns, harbours and marinas of the East and West Coasts of Scotland and Zander even gets to Algeria. Travelling on a number of yachts, inflatables, rowing boats and a cruise liner, Zander and his gang of miscreants rub shoulders with; Kamikaze seagulls, head hunters, paratroopers, a dead fisherman, the Loch Ness Monster, ships’ pipers, terrorists, Oil Sheiks, a Clan chief, a Spanish Armada Galleon, Japanese tourists and a North African President. They also meet up with night club bouncers, ferocious dogs, pickpockets, mad majors and officialdom at large. Usually at some point, they rub everyone up the wrong way! Post and Packing is included in the price below, for UK and Islands – £9.00 for the Book and 2nd class postage at £3.50 = £12.50 total


A Storm On Any Course – Available 10th November 2021

Still searching for riches and recognition, Zander has a mid-life crisis No longer going sailing and ground down by household duties, he has swapped the hazards of the sea for those of the golf course. The stage may be new, the action different but our leopard cannot change his spots. Golf is the vehicle that carries us through this account of the good, the bad and the ugly of the players, officials, and downright oddballs who populate the game of golf. While playing his own (not so competitive) game over some of the best golf courses in Scotland at a number of corporate outings, Zander stumbles upon hells angels, sneaky Spaniards, dangerous wildlife, overgenerous sponsors, a wealthy alchemist, a Phantom, a generous pawnbroker and a canny minister among others. Post and Packing is included in the price below, for UK and Islands – £9.00 for the Book and 2nd class postage at £3.50 = £12.50 total


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