Visual help

I recently heard from a friend who practices the New Age philosophy called the Law of Attraction. You visualize a wish in your mind and ‘attract’ it to come to you. He was adamant that can work for anyone, and in hearing that the sale of my first book in the Zander Trilogy was not selling by the dozen, as I hoped, he suggested that I try out this new philosophy and see where it takes me.

So, please bear with me here as I put this into practice. How do I get thousands of sales of my book? Well, seemingly all I have to do it put up a few photographs of people queuing at bookshops with the intention of buying a copy of A Storm in Any Port!

Visualizing the queues and sales of my book each day for a month, and I am assured by my friend that I will get a positive result.

So, starting off at Kelsey’s Bookshop in Haddington (yes they sell my book!) and see where this exercise takes me. Watch this space!

All queuing up for a copy of A Storm in Any Port?? !!

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