Background to the Sample story

I wanted to share some background to the sample story from my upcoming book, A Storm On Any Course.

The main two components of this Sample story happened in other and quite different places.

1     The collapse of the motor bike line happened during a parade day in Rome.

The riders, all policemen, had parked their bikes just as described and gone off to act as crowd marshals.

I did not see what started it, however I did witness the spectacular and noisy domino effect of the bikes falling down!

2     The seagull was hit by a lone golfer driving old balls out to sea in fairly windy conditions which must have had some effect on the birds flight control. It fell into the sea and sat shaking its feathers for a short time, apparently unhurt before resuming it journey.

So you see, I had the basics for another fun story for Zander to experience.

There are another 61 short stories throughout the book written in a similar style to enjoy.



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