Change of Book Title!

Late in the day I know, but something wasn’t sitting right for me in connection with the Title of my 3rd book, therefore I have decided to change it from A Storm in a Tin Cup to A Storm on any Course.

My wife and I have been reading and re-reading until the cows come home, so we are at a stage that should see the book sent off ready for printing, finally this summer.

As many of you know, each time we read the stories, we find ‘things’ to change and then end up changing them back again!

Easy to get into that cycle of indecisiveness!

A Storm on Any Course changes location, as the main character Zander nears retirement age, he discovers sailing boats are too much like hard work, therefore switches from navigating courses on the seas to navigating golf courses around Edinburgh and beyond!

Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society 1761, Edinburgh

7 thoughts on “Change of Book Title!

  1. I understand your change of book title. I usually begin with a working title, change it to what I think will be the definitive title and then change it again. I’m a golfer as well as retired so your book sounds very interesting to me.
    As this is your 3rd book (congratulations!) is is part of a series and do I need to read the first 2 in order to follow book 3?
    All the best with your writing. 🙂

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    1. Hi Carol and thank you for your kind words. This book is the final part of the trilogy, however can be read as a stand alone too. There are 60 odd short stories which all relate to mostly golfing events. Best wishes John


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