The Viral Spark

The Viral Spark

The trigger for a second wave of a viral infection can be likened to the aftermath of an enormous inferno that has gobbled up everything in its devastating path and the flames of which appear to be exhausted, completely damped down and no longer active. Unseen and deep within the blackened mass, lie embers that need only the slightest puff of wind for them to spring back to life and initiate a recurrence of the dreadful scenario.

It is in that fatal instant, when the firefighters take their eyes off the blackened carnage, that a little flame bursts out from the ashes, and, if not suffocated, will bring the whole inferno back to terrifying life again.

Each, and every one of us is a fireman and – if we are not to suffer the devastating effects that a second wave of Covid-19 will bring – it is essential that we observe the rules diligently and do not allow ourselves to relax our vigilance for a single moment.

We are at a crossroads in dealing with the invisible threat.

Now we have the enemy on its knees, understand more about it and are significantly better prepared than we were the first time around.

If we hold on a little longer and do not forget what we have suffered.

We will prevail.

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