Elsie Inglis Hospital – Edinburgh

Anyone born at this famous hospital?

Elsie Inglis Memorial Hospital

Zander Duff was born on a stormy night, in this Edinburgh hospital, 1934. As he grew up, he asked his mother the classic question which children the world over ask ‘Where did I come from?’.

His mother had spent a large part of her life in and around the theatre, so recounting the following description, was second nature to her!.

“It was on the Titanic in 1912, that your grandmother, heavily pregnant, was helped into one of the lifeboats by none other than Captain Edward J. Smith himself, which allowed your mum here to survive and bring you into the world. Your grandmother recalled the band playing Nearer My God to Thee, as she was lowered into the freezing Atlantic Ocean, and often hummed the tune to me”.

It was therefore no real surprise that Zander’s sense of reality was blurred throughout his life, as we shall find out throughout A Storm in Any Port.

For further information on Elsie Inglis Hospital see Wikipedia

Opened 1925 and closed 1988.

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