John and Ann 27th October 2021

Now mid-way through my 9th decade of life, I have now written all three books in the Zander Trilogy.

After the successful publication of the 1st book A Storm in Any Port, I continued the stories of Sailing around the Western Isles of Scotland in book 2; More Ports More Storms.

Book; A Storm On Any Course is available in paperback from the 11th November 2021. This Covid pandemic has had a major impact on my ability to get out there and meet up with prospective buyers, and I rely heavily on this website and social media to spread the word so to speak. Things will improve, hopefully before too long for everyone.

The fictional Zander sprang to life at the dawn of the Millenium, after having swilled around in the making, for about 10 years.

As with many a writer’s need for character consistency, the ones performing in the Trilogy are all based on people I know.

There is no connection between the characters and the events they get mixed up in. It was as if before I started writing, they all sat round a big table and, from an enormous pack of event cards, they were all dealt the hands that they played.

In the literary can, my computer, there are still many event cards to be dealt. Whether they fall into the hands of the existing characters, remains to be seen.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and I hope that you will browse for a while, and return to get updates via our ‘Posts’ .

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