Fast Lady

Zander and his crew could not believe their good fortune, to ‘manage’ the luxury 45 foot yacht the ‘Fast Lady’.

It had everything they were not used to having aboard a boat! Zander was amazed to find digital controls in the bridge, including a GPS! Everything was in pristeen condition, not like what he and his crew were used to in previous yachting adventures.

Typical Luxury 45ft yacht

Their job was to take business associates of the yachts owner, on scenic trips around the Western Isles of Scotland and to ensure they were all well fed and hydrated, with the finest foods and whiskies.

A step up from their usual ‘mode’ of transport was like chalk and cheese too!

The Puffer they were used to.

A trip to Tobermory was high on their list of places to visit and seeing some local wildlife was always a welcome sight (as above).

Yachts in the Loch
Tobermory, Isle of Mull

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