Is it finally time to relax?

Well, it has been a long time in coming, but I have finally received copies of my final book in paperback, this week. A wee bit of panic when one box went missing from the delivery van, however it is all sorted out, but I could have done without the drama. A Storm On Any Course has finally arrived, and will be getting distributed shortly, as the date for publication is the 11th November 2021.

I recently created an initiative to allow people to have their name printed in the book, in exchange for a donation to my chosen charity.

All proceeds will be going to the charity for disabled adults, Get2gether, and that figure has already reached 4 figures; so well done everyone involved. A photo with the exact amount will follow in due course.

Lots of people have helped me to get to this final stage, and I am forever grateful for their contribution, and to be honest, I would not have completed the any books without being dragged, cajoled and pushed along!

I have signed so many copies that I will not be able to play golf for at least a fortnight, so there goes my weekly game of golf!

Getting too cold now anyway to play Golf here. Once upon a time, I would wrap up with the usual golf attire and brave the near zero temperatures, complete with umbrella, waterproofs etc, so I will leave this aspect of the game to the youngsters I think! Unless of course, my family feel like sending me off to Portugal for a wee holiday, then yes I would love to play golf in Winter time. (hint, hint!)

I just celebrated my 87th year at the end of October, and it is time for me to find something else to fill my time – no more writing books!! It has been an exhausting, yet enjoyable experience, and I have made many new friends and acquaintances throughout the journey.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Best wishes


19 thoughts on “Is it finally time to relax?

  1. This is amazing and so inspiring (you make the 87th year look young)! The book has a great cover and title, and sounds captivating. Never published a book yet myself, so I’m loving the process notes (though I prolly need to stop reading about it, as I have been for so long, and just do it :)). Heartfelt congrats on all counts, and thanks for sharing! 🙏🎉

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