The closest I got to the Olympics

Original Olympic Arena – Olympia

In all my 20 odd years of competitive athletics, my performances were just never quite up to Olympic standards. However not to be beaten, my wife Ann and I travelled over to Greece a few years back where we visited the original Ancient Olympic Arena at Olympia.

I must have been crazy to try a 100 metre sprint in the 30 degree heat, especially since I had not worn a pair of spikes in over 30 years, but the old urge took over!

Leaving the rest of the field behind!!

It was a interesting day out and one that we both thoroughly enjoyed. I find the history of the Olympics is fascinating, and after watching the Tokyo games – although I still think as an “amateur” – the connection between ancient and modern competition clearly still exists.

Stadium of the First Modern Olympics – Athens

My wife, Ann imagining she was back in her prime when she threw the discus.

My wife, Ann imagining she was back in her prime when she threw the discus.

I cannot recommend a visit to Athens highly enough. We hope to return one day to experience the wonderful hospitality of the people of Greece.

Cheers JJ

5 thoughts on “The closest I got to the Olympics

  1. You are so lucky to have had that experience! How wonderful that you came so close to ever even imagine yourself there! I was never much of an athlete, but I love to watch the games, especially gymnastics, ice skating, diving, and track events. I watched almost every night they were on this year, they were so exciting and inspiring. Speaking of inspiration, I’ll probably watch the Paralympic Games as well! I hope you get to go back some day, I doubt I’ll ever get to Greece. Texas is a looooong way from there!

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  2. I really enjoyed your post, JJ, it is important to remember the origin and history around this game.
    I have been at the same spot you show in your photo. On ‘haloed’ ground.

    The walk up through the Olive grounds was also so peaceful and seemed to emanate a special aura. Like you I love Greece and its ancient history.
    Also the people I got to know through many visit to this country.

    Thanks for sharing.


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