Panoramic Video – Crimea

I made up the following clip from photos I took during a visit to the Crimea with my wife in 2007, during the period of a few years that tourists were allowed to visit.

No one is allowed to visit there now and even  Russians need special authorization to be allowed in.

The Defence of Sevastopol was a significant event in the Crimean War between Russia and the military alliance of Turkey, Great Britain, France and the Sardinian Kingdom. (1853-1856)

The 349-day long siege, which lasted from October 1854 until September 1855, is depicted on one of the largest panoramic paintings in the world “The repulse of the hostile assault on the Malakhov Barrow.”

This impressively accurate, in the round, pictorial canvas of solid size – 115-meter round and 14-meter high – is supplemented with a three dimensional foreground. 

The  viewing point, on a raised platform in the  middle of the hall, is in effect the top of the Malakhov Barrow and from it you are right in the middle of the action therefore,  able to absorb the atmosphere of this heroic battle.

The Charge of the Light Brigade , 25 October 1854  took place not too far away.

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